As the famous saying goes, Alex was lucky enough to “choose his parents well”, for they taught him to look at things from all angles.

He left school in 1987 and worked and travelled before finally reading a Bachelor of Arts (Politics and English Literature) at the University of Cape Town. What followed was a short-lived career in formal journalism in Johannesburg before launching Hetherington Media, a communications and media agency focusing entirely on issues of sustainability.

In 2004 he completed his Masters in Science ( Environmental Management) at Imperial College, London, and dedicated himself to working with the business sector in developing environmental strategies that were realistic and testing. This has allowed him to work all around the world.

Focus on the corporate/climate change nexus, inspired Alex to co-found Carbon Calculated in 2008, a specialist carbon management business that works in tandem with his broader consulting services. In 2017, he expanded further by co-founding TonneZero, a sustainability systems company that delivers the ISO20121 sustainable event management system to large public events.

In a classic case of “follow the money”, Alex is now applying his mind and studying the interaction, or lack of it, between understanding of sustainability to the value of investment decision making. He is currently enrolled at Columbia University’s (New York) Earth Institute, where he continues his studies on Sustainable Finance and Investment.

Alex is at his happiest when engaged in good and challenging conversation!

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